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Although complications in non-surgical cosmetic treatments are quite uncommon, ensure that you are in safe hands, find a practitioner that knows how to manage any potential problems.

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The ACE Group only registers doctors/dentists/nurses/prescribing pharmacists

We feel that it is essential that your practitioner has undergone appropriate training in order to perform non-surgical cosmetic treatments and are registered with a Professional Body.

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The ACE Group Emergency Kit – Has your practitioner got one?

Knowing how to deal with a complication is important, but if your practitioner hasn’t got the appropriate kit or drugs necessary to deal with it then you may be at risk!

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Benefits of registering

Easy access to all of the ACE Group guidelines, the ACE Group Expert Network, educational modules and much more.

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If you are considering a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, ensure your practitioner is appropriately trained, registered with their Professional Body and knows how to manage a potential complication. You can check our website to see if they are registered with the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group and following the latest evidence based guidance.

Find a Practitioner

Find your nearest registered practitioner

We have registered practitioners all around the UK who have access to the latest expert guidance and educational modules so that you know you will be in the safest of hands.

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ACE Group - Leading experts in the aesthetic medicine industry

Treatment leaflets

If you are thinking about having a non-surgical procedure, read one of our leaflets about the treatment so you know what you should expect and the right questions to ask.

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Register today

Register Today

If you are a doctor, dentist, nurse or prescribing pharmacist registered with a professional body and are adhering to best practice, using products within their correct indications and supplied from a reputable source, operating from an appropriate clinical environment and working within your scope of competency, why not register today?

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Our Mission

Cosmetic medicine is a rapidly growing and expanding area and it may surprise the public to know that it is nearly entirely unregulated. Treatments should only be performed by medically qualified practitioners including doctors, dentists, nurses and prescribing pharmacists. However as there is no enforcement of these rules, it is not uncommon to find a therapist who has been on a course and claims to be qualified to perform potentially dangerous treatments including injecting prescription only medicines. But what happens if something goes wrong? They will not have the necessary skills or drugs required to manage the complication and as they are unregistered, they can continue practising without any repercussions.

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Appear on the “Find a Practitioner” search

The general public are becoming increasingly concerned about cosmetic disasters and more savvy in doing their research. Appear on our search facility to show that patient safety is your number one concern and you are competent at managing any complication that may arise.

Use of the ACE Group logo on your website and literature

The ACE Group guidelines are widely circulated and respected, when you register, you can display our logo to show to colleagues and patients that you are following the latest, evidence based guidelines.

Discount on attendance at ACE Group workshops

Ongoing education is essential and the ACE Group will be facilitating national workshops on the management of complications. As a registered practitioner, you will receive discounts on these courses.

Feedback from our patients and practitioners

The ACE guidelines are an essential tool in everyone's emergency kit when practising in aesthetic medicine. The ACE group are an expert set of practitioners with many years of experience in the field. They have certainly been an invaluable source of advice and help to me. They benefit us all to practice safely and effectively. A really excellent resource.

- Tracy Shepherd-Regan RN NIP, Practitioner

I have had lip fillers several times however on the last occasion, the next day the side of my lip became very painful, swollen and changed colour. I went straight back to my clinic and the nurse contacted Martyn and Sharon, we both went over to see them and they did an injection into my lip which dissolved the filler and it got better over the next few days. They were both very professional and calm and reassured me all the way. I have since had my lip filler done without any problems and they look great!

- Anne Todd, Patient

Just finally got around to joining ACE, fab group, wish I had joined sooner!!

- Melanie Recchia, Aesthetic Practitioner

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