ACE Group World

ACE Group World

The Aesthetic Complications Expert Group World supports medical practitioners in the management of non-surgical aesthetic complications by providing advice via telephone, email and an ACE Group World forum as well as workshops, conferences and online education.
ACE Group World

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Due to the enormous success of the former ACE Group in the United Kingdom and requests for a similar service internationally, ACE Group World has been created to provide a similar model across the globe. We appreciate that each country has their own regulations, products, governance and language and therefore we will offer guidance and advice specific to their region. We aim to support as many countries around the World as possible and will work with regulatory bodies and professional associations to make this possible.

If you represent a regulatory body or the main professional association for your country, please contact us if you would like to be part of ACE Group World…


For patient and practitioner information specific to your country, please visit your individual country site.

Medical Director

Dr Martyn King

ACE Group World was developed to help improve patient safety by producing evidence-based, peer reviewed guidelines for the management of a wide variety of complications. We also aim to provide help and advice for practitioners that encounter a complication, host a forum for practitioners to share advice, facilitate email and telephone support, provide on-line educational modules and workshops and a form a faculty of national and international experts.

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ACE Group World


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