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The reasons behind

ACE Group World

Due to the enormous success of the former ACE Group in the United Kingdom, ACE Group World has been created to provide a similar model not only in the United Kingdom but globally at the request of many practitioners all over the World.

We are pleased to launch ACE Group World and looking forward to working with professional bodies and existing organisations nationally and internationally to add to the ACE Group World community.

Aesthetic Complications Expert Group World


The ACE Group World has been created to help improve patient safety in medical aesthetics by producing evidence-based, peer reviewed guidelines for the management of a wide variety of complications, to provide help and advice for practitioners that encounter a complication, host a forum for practitioners to share advice, facilitate email and telephone support, provide on-line educational modules and workshops and a faculty of national and international experts.

ACE Group World Faculty

ACE Group World works with leading experts in aesthetic medicine in each individual country so that registered practitioners are able to acquire the appropriate help and advice. Although the management of complications is broadly the same across the World, there are differences in legislation, licensed medications, language and time-zones. In order to provide the best and safest service, it is essential that ACE Group World works with professional associations and leading experts to ensure the very best faculty is produced in each country.

Who are ACE Group World?

Dr Martyn King

Medical Director


Linda Mather RN NIP

Director | Nursing Director

MSc PGDip PGCert

Sharon King RN NIP

Director | Regulatory Affairs

MSc PGDip PGCert

Stuart King

PA | Administrator

Mission Statement

Patient safety has to be the most important consideration when providing non-surgical aesthetic procedures.
ACE Group World provides help and support to practitioners to prevent and successfully manage complications.

The Consensus Group

ACE Group World relies on the expertise and goodwill of many highly respected practitioners within the aesthetics industry to peer review our guidelines. We would like to acknowledge and thank all of those that have worked with us.


ACE Group World and the former ACE Group clinical team have produced many guidelines and clinical papers, several of which have been published in national and international journals and many have been widely reference in the literature.

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