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Mission Statement

Globally, aesthetic medicine is a rapidly growing specialty with an increasing number of practitioners offering more and more treatments each year. Due to the continuing development of this market, there are always new products, procedures and medical devices being introduced. However, the quality and authenticity of these vary considerably and it is important that medical practitioners remain up to date and act ethically and professionally.

Although complications in aesthetic medicine are relatively uncommon, they can be severe and it is important that they are managed in a consistent and evidence based approach.


During a national aesthetic conference held in the United Kingdom in 2011, it became apparent that leading experts were managing complications in very different ways. The techniques, medications and dilutions used varied considerably. Founder members of ACE Group World, who were part of the aesthetic complications discussion panel, decided to undertake literature reviews looking at published papers to produce evidence-based, peer reviewed guidelines for the management of many complications that can occur in non-surgical aesthetic practice. Many of these guidelines have been published in international journals and have been referenced around the World and are freely available to practitioners. 

Regular reviews and updates of the guidelines occur as new evidence and treatments become apparent.

Mission Statement

Our Ethos

As well as producing evidence-based comprehensive guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and management of a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic complications, ACE Group World also provides support to its members including a forum moderated by well renowned experts in aesthetic medicine, facilitates an Emergency Helpline and email support, provides online education and workshops for practitioners and have produced high quality patient leaflets to inform the public what they should expect if they are contemplating undergoing a non-surgical aesthetic procedure.

ACE Group World believe that high quality training is needed, which includes the diagnosis and management of potential complications in the curriculum, to improve patient safety and reduce the number of complications that occur. ACE Group World also supports ongoing education and continuous professional development to ensure practitioners are aware of the latest guidelines and evidence for the management of complications. ACE Group World provides online education modules and examinations for its members.

ACE Group World works with its membership, aesthetic organisations, professional bodies, media, pharmaceutical companies, patient groups, insurers and regulatory bodies to provide professional advice. ACE Group World strives to ensure that all members are aware of, and comply with, all legal, professional and regulatory requirements.

ACE Group World advocates that practitioners report complications to the relevant authorities which may include the manufacturer and regulatory agency as well as ACE Group World. Reporting complications allows trends to be found and specific problems with certain products and batch numbers identified. As medical practitioners, the ACE Group World believes that we have a duty to report complications to promote best practice and to better establish complication data and patterns in order to reduce the risk to patients. Statistics in complications will also provide invaluable information to regulators and training providers to identify where more education, training, support and legislation may be required. According to best medical practice, if a practitioner is found to be negligent or failing to comply with national guidance stipulated by their professional body, the ACE Group World may be legally obliged to report this.

By improving regulation in the medical aesthetics sector and providing guidelines and advice for the optimum management of a non-surgical aesthetic complication, ACE Group World hopes to raise standards and improve patient safety.

ACE Group World Emergency Kit

ACE Group World makes recommendation on stock items that should be held in the event of a complication occurring. Depending on country, not all practitioners will have easy access to certain drugs required in the management of complications and non-prescribing practitioners should work with a prescriber who is a full member of the ACE Group World to ensure that help and medications may be available when needed.

Download the ACE Group World Emergency Kit guidelines for your country!

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