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Confidentiality Policy

The ACE Group is committed to providing a confidential service to its users.

Confidentiality Policy

The ACE Group is committed to providing a confidential service to its users.  No information given to the organisation will be shared with any other organisation or individual without the user’s expressed permission.

For the purpose of this policy, confidentiality relates to the transmission of personal, sensitive or identifiable information about individuals or organisations (confidential information), which comes into the possession of the organisation through its work.

All personal data will be dealt with sensitively and in the strictest confidence internally and externally.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the Confidentiality Policy is to ensure that all staff, patients, practitioners and other users, understand the organisation’s requirements in relation to the disclosure of personal data and confidential information.

  1. Principles
  • All paper-based and electronic data must be stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Act (2018) and must be secured against unauthorised access, accidental disclosure, loss or destruction.
  • All paper-based and electronic data must only be accessible to those individuals authorised to have access.
  • Where there is a legal duty on the organisation to disclose information, the person to whom the confidentiality is owed will be informed that the disclosure has or will be made.
  • Staff and members will avoid talking about patients and practitioners in social settings.
  1. Access to information
  • Information is confidential to the ACE Group and as an organisation may be passed to colleagues to ensure the best quality service for users.
  • Where information is sensitive, i.e. it involves legal issues, such information should clearly be labelled ‘Confidential’.
  1. Duty to disclose information
  • There is a legal duty to disclose information including;
  • If the Practitioner is in breach of professional standards, the ACE Group will be obliged to report this to their professional body.
  • These breaches include, but are not restricted to, legal matters, the treatment of vulnerable adults, and Codes of Practice.
  • Users should be informed of this disclosure.

The ACE Group welcome further discussion and feedback on this Confidentiality Policy.

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